The intervention has enabled us to build a new building by respecting the shape, volume and original soil of the pre-existing one, as well as to restore the use of agricultural housing and services of the farm of which the building is an integral part. The new organization of the structure faithfully reproduces the original one, relocating the two-store house inside it (in the eastern-western part). At its western end, the small building has retained its service function, but has now been transformed into a garage. As far as the choice of materials and technologies that has been used (while respecting the modern rules required in the reconstruction of post-earthquake buildings), for this project we used those of the tradition of the rural territory of our areas. The project has also involved the use of some decorative/constructive elements in fair-faced brick for the fronts of the building, inspired by the construction technique of masonry buildings, such as pillars with capitals, window stools, etc.

The pre-existing complex consisted of a single body on two levels above ground, with the longest side parallel to the access road. The two-store house was located inside this building (in the eastern-western part), while at its end there were the smallest building dedicated to services (oven/woodshed, etc.) and a small porch which was used as a shelter to the services. The building originally had a brick structure and a plastered exterior wall face, with some elements in fair-faced brick (pillars).

Project Synthesis

Year: 2013-2014

Place: Medolla (MO)

Customer: privato