One of the first independent engineering companies in Italy was founded in 1965: Ingegneri Riuniti.

The departments 'Architecture and Civil Engineering' and 'Infrastructure and Environment' are the pillars of our structure composed of qualified engineers, architects and technicians. A complete team of professionals to meet the new needs of a constantly evolving market. We offer the client, both public and private, integrated projects, following him in the phases of design, construction and management; we offer innovative and sustainable professional advice and services, We integrate the specific sectors in which we intervene (urban planning, architecture, economic and social development, environment, energy, mechanical and electrical plant engineering, hydraulics, infrastructure and communications) also through an internal research group, which is responsible for developing concrete programs for urban regeneration.

So, step by step,  through the many partnerships established over the years, we are building a professional network that is expanding nationally and internationally, to set up a technical and cultural "Design Manufacture". To design the future together, with an ethical and ecological vision, according to efficient organizational principles based on Project Management models and the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) procedures.

These are the main stages of the road traveled so far by Engineers Meeting:

  • In 2002 we acquired Progetto Ambiente S.r.l., to give rise to our "Architecture" Division
  • In 2003 we founded Leonardo-Consorzio Europeo per l'Ingegneria e l'Architettura together with six other design companies distributed throughout the country
  • In 2008 we become members of the Green Building Council Italy and AUDIS, Association of Disused Urban Areas
  • In 2012 we create an independent structure for project validation up to 20 million euros  
  • In 2017 we entered into an agreement with Studio Associato Pro.Tecno, based in Perugia, for an exclusive collaboration in the field of design and works management for "Plants and Energy"