Ingegneri Riuniti has recently been involved in the Demolition and Reconstruction of a residential building damaged by the seismic events that affected the Municipality of Modena on May, 20th and 29th, 2012.

The building to be demolished and reconstructed is located in the Municipality of San Prospero, in Via Forcirola n. 15; originally it was a typical rural building of the tradition of the Emilia plain and presented a SINGLE BODY, one of the oldest and most widespread typology of buildings in the area of the low plain around Modena; in it the "housing infrastructure" and the "agricultural premises" are arranged under the same roof.

The project re-proposes the "single body" typology, by matching the historical elements of the surrounding context with the changed functional requirements; the building system is inspired by the recurrent typologies widespread in this rural area, therefore we avoided to use material-constructive elements that are purely urban. The most significant feature is the insertion of an arcade (with a "porta morta") that divides the housing part from the one used for all the other services, therefore solving the problem of promiscuity of use.

The materials used are typical of the tradition of the rural territory of our areas; therefore, we chose to use masonry infilled reinforced walls and a wooden structure with overlying insulating material and a roofing layer; the external doors and windows, the entrance doors and any other doors are in painted wood or aluminium and their design reflects the traditional style. The floors are in porcelain stoneware; as far as the rooms that do not present any hygienic sanitary requirements, the floors are in industrial quartz-finished concrete.

In order to guarantee an optimal energy performance and an appropriate saving of resources, the building has an external composite coating.

The colours of the external walls of all the buildings will be in the shades of ochre yellow with umber or red nuances (already existing colours); this way, they will match the historic shed/hayloft, therefore recomposing the colour uniformity of the original complex. These colours, inspired by the local tradition, are obtained from natural clay and applied in layers on the lime-based plaster in order to make them brighter; moreover, the wooden windows will be painted in "verde brentonico" (Italian Green Earth), which is typical of the 18th century. The architectural and finishing choices were made in order to ensure the harmonious integration of the new building into a rural landscape that presents consolidated typological features.

Project Synthesis

Year: 2015-2017, cantiere in corso

Place: San Prospero (MO)

Customer: privato