Ares Design is a leading automotive company that offers its customers a very high level of customization and transformation of luxury cars thanks to the development and application of technologically advanced solutions.
The headquarters in Modena is located in an area of great visibility due to its proximity to the ring road and, thanks to the continuous expansion of the company, has recently acquired an abandoned and abandoned shed. The internal Technical Office has organized a design competition for its conversion to a vehicle style centre and spaces for employees, with particular attention to its strategic location of entry to the entire company complex.

Riuniti Engineers participated in the design competition pursuing the main objectives of enhancing access, with the study of road and the inclusion of a circular concierge, and change the image of the building object of intervention in order to coordinate it with the architectural language of the current headquarters of the company, transforming it into a building-sign.

Having to maintain the structure of the existing building unchanged, it was chosen to cover the facades with semi-glossy aluminum plates evocative of the body of the cars, with large portions of introspective windows towards the property of the company and walls of vertical green on the blind walls of adjacent sheds.

The interiors house a style centre for the choice of car finishes, a car park also used for exhibitions, a roller table for vehicle tests and a photographic studio; There is also a café and a gym available for employees.

The finishes of the areas dedicated to cars are coordinated with the interiors of the company: white-gray resin floors with joints, large-format stoneware slabs and panels of translucent fabric stretched back-illuminated capable of evenly spreading light. A different approach concerns the areas of the café and the gym, where wooden floors and walls create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

A particularly efficient and eco-sustainable technological system has also been designed, both for the mechanical and electrical part, with renewable energy sources and appliances with low consumption and reduced maintenance.

Project Synthesis

Year: Luglio 2018

Place: Modena (MO)

Customer: Ares Design