The intervention consists of the demolition and reconstruction of a building that was seriously damaged by the earthquake, indicated by the Reconstruction Plan of the Municipality of Mirandola as Special U.M.I. (Unità Minima di Ricostruzione - Minimum Reconstruction Unit) N° 4.

The building to be replaced is located on via S. Pellico, in the middle of a sector delimited by the roads Circonvallazione, Montanari, Cavour and Fulvia. Being this lot near the historic centre, half of it was originally intended as a vegetable garden/garden like many other spaces along the outer perimeter, that were subsequently replaced by buildings during the expansion of the original settlement. In this case, when the condominium to be replaced was built in the '60s, the land of the vacated lot was intended for public parking and garages for the condominiums confining with the lot at the back.

The building consists of eleven housing units developed on three levels, plus a ground floor with two commercial units and services, and a basement. According to the project, pedestrians will have access to the building both from the porch on Via Pellico, and from the two intermediate galleries that connect the porch with the public car park at the back. These two galleries extend into a small trapezoidal space near the shops/offices and near the access to the two staircases, and are pointed out by special signalling finishes. Access by car is from the north side with a single ramp leading to the basement.

The fundamental materials chosen for this project are: plaster painted in the natural colours of earth such as ivory, ochre, and brick red for the external walls, in order to match the nearby period buildings; PVC for the windows, in order to guarantee the best heat insulation; aluminium in its coloured version for the screen grids of the windows, the porches/veranda and the coverage, in order to guarantee their durability and ease of maintenance.

As anticipated, the central ramp leads to a common basement that gives access to the garages and to an area for the installations and/or closet. Access to the ground floor from the basement is via a condominium lift for disabled people, according to regulations, or via two flights of stairs, with a width of at least 1.20 m.

The plan of each apartment preserves as closely as possible the shape and size of the original apartments, so each owner could choose whether to recreate the previous distribution of the premises or modify it completely or partially.

Project Synthesis

Year: 2014

Place: Mirandola (MO)

Customer: privati