Ingegneri Riuniti has recently been involved in the development of an executive project related to the demolition and reconstruction of the theatre and the gym inside the "Scuola Medie Carducci" school complex. The buildings were damaged by the seismic events that affected the Municipality of Modena on May, 20th and 29th, 2012. The project has been developed according to the "Minimum environmental criteria for the assignment of design services and construction works for the construction, renovation and maintenance of public buildings" DECREE, issued on October, 11th, 2017. The project is now being examined at the Services Conference, in order to obtain all required authorizations.

The whole "Carducci" school complex, resulting from the 1975 project by Architect Giuseppe Campos Venuti and Architect Maria Rosa Morello, is located in the District 3 (Buon Pastore - Sant'Agnese and San Damaso) of the Municipality of Modena, where the Comprehensive School 5 is located.

In addition to giving new solidity to buildings, the project aims at their architectural reconstruction, as well as at restoring the image of the community of Modena; moreover, it aims at a "radical" intervention, but it will bear in mind the strong architectural value of the adjacent complex.

The new gym is included in the building category a) Competitive Sports Facilities, where you can perform official (competitive) activities of FSN (National Sport Federations) and DSA (Associated Sports Disciplines); moreover, these facilities are eligible for the B Gold category for the game of basketball organized by Fip (Italian Basketball Federation) and FIBA (International Basketball Federation). The gym will also be used for school sports activities and can be divided into two volleyball courts.

The project for the Theatre results from the same considerations made for the gym: the aim it to provide the school with a new architectural structure that meets both operational needs and today's standards, by creating a structure that fully deserves to be considered as one of the main theatres of the city.

Since the restructuring and standardization of the existing building would have implied inadequate costs without the optimal achievement of the prefixed objectives, apart from strongly influencing the planning phase, we decided to demolish the existing buildings and to replace them with new ones that fully meet the operational, technical and performance requirements, and show an architectural continuity with the school itself; the material-constructive and formal solutions adopted for the external fronts adjacent to the school refer to the existing fronts, while the remaining parts of the new buildings are differently characterized as far as style, materials and volumes are concerned.

Project Synthesis

Year: 2017-2018

Place: Modena (MO)

Customer: Comune di Modena