The rural complex existing before the earthquake was a typical settlement for a traditional farm with separate buildings arranged in a line with a porch hayloft. The intervention concerns a farm building which probably dates back to the first half of the 20th century. The farm complex was built perpendicularly to the line of pre-existing buildings and, after the termination of the animal husbandry, it was used as a shelter for large agricultural vehicles. This complex has been badly expanded towards the west in relatively recent times, by covering a significant part of the former shed and hayloft, resulting in a serious damage to the quality of the settlement. Both the older part of the structure and the recent extension do not present any quality elements and the earthquake that hit them produced irreparable damage, so they will be demolished and rebuilt. The new warehouse was reconstructed in the volumetric dimensions of the already existing one, but with a different external covering in order to take into account the need to give shelter to the above-mentioned machinery (height, width, dimensions and possibility of maneuvering the machinery); therefore, the deposit area has been appropriately modified in order to separate it from the main building to be used as the farmer's home and from the relevant building. In this way, the project suggests geometries and volumes that are typical of the former agricultural court; this will result non only in a refunctionalization and optimization of the whole area, but also in a recovery of the environmental and historical value of the settlement. Therefore, agricultural activities can resume in a context of higher quality.

Project Synthesis

Year: 2014

Place: Medolla (MO)

Customer: privato