This intervention concerns the construction of a school complex, which consists of: the school building itself, with 14 classrooms with a capacity of about 560 people, plus 4 laboratories, 2 reading rooms and 2 teachers’ rooms; an auditorium with a 250 people capacity; a gym with grandstands which can hold up to 615 people, equipped with FIPAV A2 approval. There’s also a thermal power station which serves the whole campus, composed of 4 modular condensing boilers with a total burner thermal power of 420 kW. The station is also powered by solar panels with a total area of approximately 50 square meters. These panels guarantee the production of a minimum of 50% of the domestic hot water needed for both the school and the gym, where the greatest consumption is expected. The school complex is equipped with a hydrant network with a storage capacity of 25 cubic meters and its own pumping unit. There’s also a tank for rainwater collection with a capacity of 50 cubic meters, which will be used for the irrigation of the green areas. All the buildings are also equipped with a centralized supervision systems that remotely manages all of the air conditioning main parameters: temperature, thermal plant operation, air handling unit operation.

Project Synthesis

Year: 2011-2015

Place: Cibeno di Carpi (MO)

Customer: Unione delle Terre d'Argine