The Centre, not too far from the heart of the city of Reggio Emilia, was born from a redevelopment of spaces of the City and was designed and designed to create a space for hospitality and aggregation. The people he will address are characterized by extreme social fragility and this will be a meeting place for them, so as to allow a gradual social reintegration as well as an awareness of the entire community. 

For this reason, we have chosen to make the environments informal and familiar, without any reference to health or institutional, using light colors and materials that evoke natural elements. 

Visitors will be welcomed in the first environment dedicated to acceptance, from which they will be directed to the proposed support services. Through an openspace you can access the real Centre where the environments are spread around the existing distribution ring, within which are the most operational areas, such as offices and clinics, but also a dining area and a library.  

Finally, there is an outdoor space, also designed as an area with a purely informal and familiar, where visitors can rest, chat or simply read a book. 

We have imagined spaces tailored to people, where guests can enjoy all the comforts and maximum efficiency. All this through a system of treatment and air exchange and a suspended ceiling air conditioning system that will allow to condition the rooms both in winter and summer.

Even the high efficiency LED lighting system will ensure the right comfort between natural and artificial light and very low electrical consumption. Finally, to ensure maximum security of the entire center, an advanced video surveillance and access management system has been provided.

Currently in the feasibility study phase, we will proceed with the final project in the coming months. 

Project Synthesis

Year: 2023

Place: Reggio Emilia

Customer: Comune di Reggio Emilia