Intervention of decommissioning and demolition of industrial building belonging to an American manufacturer of paints, following the seismic event in Cavezzo (Modena).

The earthquake in 2012 has produced significant damage to a warehouse owned by an American multinational company involved in the production of varnishes for wood and plastics. In addition to the collapse of several facade panels, the earthquake has produced an inclination of all the pillars that made the building unfit for use and under constant danger of complete collapse.

The building’s warehouse stored core products for paints and solventsm extremely risky from the point of view of environmental pollution and the risk of explosion. The urgency manifested by the owners was therefore to provide the quickest recovery of the stored materials, acting in conditions of safety and avoiding the entry of workers in the already heavily damaged building.

Project Synthesis

Year: da giugno 2012 a maggio 2013

Place: Cavezzo (MO)

Customer: Sherwin-Williams Italy s.r.l. (primaria multinazionale del settore vernici)