The complex of the Parish church of San Possidonio Vescovo (MO) - which includes, in addition to the main body of the church, the bell tower and two minor annexed bodies used as the sacristy and the entrance - suffered serious and extensive damage after the earthquakes of May 2012.

The reconstruction of the dynamics of the collapse has shown that the most consistent damage was caused by the collapse of the bell tower on the church body, with the consequent collapse of the lantern and of a considerable portion of the roof, the expulsion of two top portions of side walls and the collapse of the vaulted ground floor of the space inside the crypt.

The restoration project is drafted on behalf of the Diocese of Carpi and the works are included in the "Program for Public Works and Cultural Heritage damaged by the earthquakes of 20th and 29th May 2012".

The building is part of the properties of cultural interest as it is subject to protection under the Legislative Decree 42/2004 "Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape".

In addition to the repair of the damages, the elimination of the main vulnerabilities and the improvement of the seismic behaviour of the building, the works include important reconstruction interventions for which we had to make methodological choices on the modalities as far as entire portions of the building that no longer exists.

Ingegneri Riuniti is in charge of the structural design. To date, the technical and economic feasibility study has been completed.

Project Synthesis

Year: 2018

Customer: Arcidiocesi di Carpi