The final project involves the restoration and repair with seismic upgrading of a building complex, owned by the National School, the Chamber of Commerce and the Province of L’Aquila, including the offices, the former Classical High School and the Library. The building was severely damaged by the earthquake of April 6th, 2009. The project was developed by a consortium of professionals including Ingegneri Riuniti and architectural firm GA Architetti Associati (Milan), with advice from Prof. Antonio Borri of the University of Perugia – Engineering Department as regards the structural aspects and from the Doglioni - Daminato Firm (Venice) with regard to the restoration aspects.

The Architectural Project aims to create an important new set of cultural and social functions that can make connections to the city in terms of architecture and town planning, and to highlight the history of the palace, an authentic set of rich and complex transformations that are barely evident nowadays.

The Restoration Project is based instead on the enhancement of material-constructive features of the building and in particular on the rediscovery of the original project of chromatic integration between parts made with cut stone and parts made with refined plaster.

Project Synthesis

Year: 2016

Place: L'Aquila

Customer: Provveditorato alle opere pubbliche di Lazio, Sardegna e Abruzzo