Ingegneri Riuniti was entrusted of the definitive and executive design works, safety coordination in the design and execution phase, works management and testing assistance for the redevelopment of the industrial area of Bargellino; the area borders on one side with the landing strip of Bologna Airport, and on the other side with Via Persicetana, a very busy road which connects the provincial capital with the North-West of its Province.

This is a very challenging area due to the continuous passage of aircraft at low altitude, the virtual absence of residences and a poor urban quality; however, many companies in the area are considered to be local excellences and there also are a train station and several green areas. The redevelopment project interested the entire neighbourhood: a network of cycle paths was created, the quality of green areas was improved with furnishings and fitness paths, the parking system was reorganized and two large attractions were installed: a skate park, which is the largest of the Southern Europe, and a Fablab, a laboratory for start-ups and smart-working.

The Fablab is located on the grounds of a demolished building and is part of a lot that includes another building, to be used as a guest house and that was completely renovated during the intervention. The Fablab project is meant to create a new highly expressive building in discontinuity with the guest house building from a formal point of view, which will stand out for its construction technologies, its planimetric layout and its volume. The surface is approximately 220 square meters and it is a large single volume space, with the exception of the bathroom block.

The layout of the plan is generated by two not concentric circumferential arcs of different radius, which open towards the road and virtually surround the guest house building. The roof is also generated by a double sloping line, which increases both towards the street and towards the building next door. The structure is made of reinforced concrete structures that create a "ribbed" architectural design externally, connected by panels covered in blue corrugated sheet, (blue is the colour of the Bargellino neighbourhood).

There are two important glazed surfaces: the main one towards the road is a highly recognizable element and hosts the entrance to the laboratory and the signboard inscription; the second one towards the guest house faces the green garden area and is essential to guarantee internal lighting.

The building is currently being completed and it certainly will characterize the whole neighbourhood; an association has already expressed its interest in taking it into management.

Project Synthesis

Year: 2017-2019

Place: Bargellino - Calderara di Reno (BO)

Customer: Comune di Calderara di Reno