Securing and partial demolition of an industrial building property of a private company producing cooking oil, as a result of a fire.

The intervention in question presented several difficulties of approach, due to the presence of an adjacent portion of building that was undamaged and housed machines to be protected, and to the presence of prefab beams for which it wasn’t possible to establish with certainty the degree of damage and therefore their actual stability. Ingegneri Riuniti was in charge of Project Management activities for securing and partial disassembly of the burned parts, of safety coordination as well as structural design of temporary works intended to secure the dividing wall between the burned and the undamaged areas, so as to allow the resume of production or at least the transfer of the undamaged machines. The project was run in collaboration with Belfor Italy Srl, a company specialized in Disaster Recovery, and with the client’s insurance. Ingegneri Riuniti ha salso managed communications and paperwork with the municipal technical department.

Project Synthesis

Year: da luglio 2008 a settembre 2010

Place: Santo Stefano di Zimella (VR)

Customer: OLICAF S.p.A. (Azienda produttrice di olio per uso alimentare)