Decommissioning and securing of industrial buildings belonging to a well-known pharmaceutical company, damaged as a result of an earthquake in Medolla (Modena).

Following the earthquake which struck the whole province of Modena in 2012, Ingegneri Riuniti was commissioned to handle the coordination of all actions necessary to enable the recovery of machinery and manufacturing equipment of a pharmaceutical multinational company in the specialized area of Mirandola.

The activities: project management, time management, coordination of the companies in charge in relation to a significant presence of Fire Department personnel (which reached 500 units at the peak of activities), design of interventions for the securing of damaged buildings via “surgical” demolitions, shoring systems, creation of safe access routes, general safety assessments.

Project Synthesis

Year: da giugno 2012 a settembre 2013

Place: Mirandola (MO)

Customer: GAMBRO DASCO s.p.a. (primaria multinazionale del settore farmaceutico)