The construction of the Anatomical Theatre in Modena, commissioned by Professor Antonio Scarpa for the teaching of Anatomy at the former University of Modena, dates back to 1773-1774. The Theatre is a historical and artistic monument symbolizing Modena's avant-garde study of human anatomy.

After the earthquake of May 2012, it was necessary to restore and consolidate the roof and the walls of the theatre. The project allowed us to preserve the main wooden structures of the roof consisting of three oak trusses, by replacing some irretrievably damaged elements with new ones of similar structure and size, therefore repairing and regenerating all the remaining wooden elements and improving their reinforcement.

In order to increase the static capacity of the roof, which proved to be insufficient according to the current technical regulations, we decided to introduce steel structures alongside the existing trusses. A perimeter steel kerb was also provided for the top connection of the walls to the roof, thus achieving a significant seismic improvement.


Project Synthesis

Year: 2017-2018

Customer: Università degli Studi di Modena