As part of the urban regeneration program involving the areas occupied by the infrastructure of the former ceramics factory CISA-Cerdisa (facilities 1, 2 and 6 located between the towns of Sassuolo and Fiorano Modenese) took place the planning, coordination and supervision of all phases including the full removal of the buildings and the subsequent remediation of the subsurface. The complex included many industrial buildings made with concrete-bricks or iron, also with various types of covers (both metal covers and reinforced concrete covers, surmounted by elements in brick or concrete) coated with asbestos-cement sheets. The project activities and coordination have been particularly difficult and therefore led to the formation of a highly professionalized team, able to manage the following critical issues: the advanced state of decay of buildings and equipment, the urban context of the intervention and the vastness of surfaces and volumes affected by the demolition and remediation.

Project Synthesis

Year: 2016

Place: Sassuolo (MO)

Customer: Ceramiche Industriali Sassuolo S.p.a. (azienda ceramica)