Ingegneri Riuniti is developing the final and executive project for mechanical, electrical and fire prevention installations, within the restructuring of the administrative buildings of the University of Sassari.

The architectural project, developed by the Polytechnic company of Modena, has been developed on the following essential issues:

- Architectural Restoration and Redevelopment

- Functional Redevelopment

- Preservation and Valorizing of Valuable Features

(see Aerial Photo)

The installations design was based on the re-make of mechanical and thermal systems, as well as the integration of a new electrical system with the already existing one, particularly aiming at:

  • Practicality and flexibility of use

  • Environmental comfort

  • Consumption reduction

  • Simple Maintenance and availability of spare parts

  • Harmonization of the products used.

In order to achieve all the above, our system choices favoured equipment which uses tested technologies and, at the same time, guarantees outstanding performance and functional characteristics.

Therefore, a reversible air/water heat pump was designed for heating and cooling, which can ensure an adequate level of thermal comfort in all seasons, as well as a primary air-treatment system that, with integration of appropriate environmental sensors, will guarantee the necessary air changes and the right level of humidity in each environment.

The building will be served not only by a highly efficient lighting system, but also by a fire detection, anti-intrusion and video surveillance system, therefore guaranteeing a high level of security.

It was also possible to optimize and improve the design by using a 3D model to accurately identify the most delicate installation crossings and to verify the inter-connections between electrical and mechanical systems or between installations and structures.

Other images:

Aerial photo of Auditorium

Student Office Interference

Stairway Installations Interferences

Project Synthesis

Year: 2017 - 2018

Place: Sassari (SS)

Customer: Università degli studi di Sassari