The expansion project involves the construction of a new building for the processing and storage of ceramic slabs produced at another site. The building has been built with a supporting structure and prefabricated insulated panels in reinforced concrete; the structural mesh consists of a pitch of 32 ml x 22 ml with a height of 8 ml under the beam and a maximum height of 12 ml of the external wall. The roof, which is also built with prefabricated elements, consists of a macroshed with transparent and opening parts facing north.

The total area of the building is approximately 47,000 square meters with a main front of about 257 ml on the Pedemontana motorway. The building is set in a slightly elevated position compared to "the countryside floor", in order to facilitate the junction between the intervention area and the existing square used as a pallet storage. This height will be reached by moving the soil present in the area, that will bring the front on the Pedemontana motorway at about +3ml and the south front at -2ml compared to the square level. The new building and storage area will be connected through a driveway ramp.

Externally, the building has a unitary and regular volume, with rectangular holes that have a different colour on the full parts in order to break the perception of the volume, as well as fast opening doors of 5ml x 5ml. The front on the Pedemontana motorway is characterized by a protruding element that frames the wide openings of the continuous fronts; this element will have a metal structure covered in Alucobond aluminium panels.

This element, which will follow a rhythm according to the structure behind it, enriches the front that resembles that of a managerial building, and not a just building intended for production. The colours to be used for the fronts will match those already used in the existing buildings in order to integrate the new structure with the other ones. The light dove-grey dye was used for the full parts, while the anthracite grey one was used for the frames, the door and the panels, as it is a colour that was already widely used for the fixtures of the already existing buildings.

Project Synthesis

Year: 2016 - 2017

Place: Fiorano (MO)

Customer: primaria azienda ceramica